We are so busy being busy! We live in a world that never stops - work, family, children, technology. It's a 24/7 lifestyle. Self care, meditation, mindfulness - we read about it everywhere. Celebrities endorse it. But when was the last time you stopped? Took a deep breath and really stopped! I encourage you to do this now as you read this. 

Take a deep breath through your nose and slowly release through your mouth. Do this several times and become aware of your breathing. Be present in this moment. In the now. As you breathe out let your shoulders drop, release the tension from your body and relax...

In those few moments remember how you are feeling. Imagine feeling like this everyday. 

I will teach you simple techniques to build into your everyday life. We all have 5 minutes. 


                                 Imagine a life where you are thriving not striving!