Imagine 7 wheels spinning - some fast, some slow. Some dark, some bright. Some full, some empty. Not all of them are spinning in the same direction. This is what happens to our chakras when they become unbalanced. We become unbalanced - emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. 

Now imagine all 7 wheels are balanced and spinning in harmony. How amazing would your life be! 


Chakra Balancing

1 - 1.5 hours £60

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Chakra bowl meditation teaches you to tune into your chakras. Through visualisation and colour you will tune into and identify with your own chakras, learn which ones are unbalanced and blocked and experience the power and energy of all your chakras being balanced.  I will equip you with the tools to continue this at home and support you along the process.

Imagine your life being full of energy!

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